U.S. ARMS ® Patriot 15 AR15 Lower and AR15 Rifles

US ARMS Manufacturing Firearms to Defend Freedom
By Zanna Enterprises LLC

“Manufacturing Firearms to Defend Freedom”


MIL-SPEC:  All our Polymer AR15 Lowers have parts that are 100% MIL-SPEC, compatible and interchangeable with military grade components.
We have upgraded our previous polymer buffer tube to MIL-SPEC aluminum buffer tube and MIL-SPEC stock.

QUALITY:  We proudly make, inspect and test every firearm before shipping to our customers and dealers. All of our lowers come with a lifetime warranty.

AFFORDABLE:  We offer complete AR-15 lowers starting at $124.99.
We make it possible for every law abiding person to be armed with quality firearms with which you can trust to defend your life and freedom.

INNOVATIVEWe use the latest technology in firearms manufacturing for better and stronger firearms. We are constantly researching the most current technologies to be able to consistently provide you with the best on the market.

MADE IN AMERICAAll of our AR-15 lowers and Rifles are made by Americans in the U.S.A!

Welcome to the official U.S. Arms website! We manufacture the highest quality, most affordable polymer AR-15 lower receivers available on the market. Our company is committed to bringing distributors and dealers all over the U.S.A. top quality lowers at the most affordable prices! Our Gen II billet styled polymer lower is the industry leader in strength and engineering. Now featuring new U.S. Arms models Patriot II® and SKADI® polymer AR-15 lower receivers.


All U.S. Arms products come with a manufacturer’s  Lifetime Limited Warranty.  We proudly stand behind our product’s quality and reliability. OUR LOWERS CAN WITHSTAND OVER 500 LBS of PRESSURE.
Call 928-263-0071  to order your Patriot AR-15 today!

At U.S. Arms, you will find all American made AR-15 lowers. That’s right, all of our parts are made right here in the USA! The revolutionary U.S. Arms Patriot-15® and Patriot-15 II®  are the lightest, strongest, and most durable AR-15 polymer composite lowers on the market today. We now have an updated product that is comprised of an even stronger, better reinforced, longer lasting material that is far superior to anything other options available.

U.S. Arms offers a starting price of only $124.99 that anyone can afford, and customer satisfaction is GUARANTEED with a LIFETIME Limited warranty on our P-15 fire control group. We manufacture and assemble our own products in-house, and stand behind them 100%. We pride ourselves in our top-notch customer service and customer relationships. We are looking forward to providing you with our all-American products with the best possible service!

U.S. Arms model Hana sporting a U.S. Arms Patriot-15 rifle!